OLTIS Group as partner of the Czech Logistics Day

OLTIS Group company presented itself as a PARTNER of this year’s Czech Logistics Day, which was held in the hotel “Courtyard by Marriott Prague Airport” on 21 April 2016.

Director of Logistics, Mr. Rostislav Vasek, took part in the panel discussion on “INTRALOGISTICS and its place in the supply chain” during which a lot of interesting opinions were presented. The issue of perspectives and risks of intralogistics in the current period of economic growth, expectations in connection with the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution or the position of Czech logistics in the European and world context were some of the most discussed topics. Mr. Rostislav Vasek, who represented the field of informatics during the panel discussion, enhanced the irreplaceable role of IT in logistics, both in transmission and processing of large amounts of data, and the emerging trend of automation and inter-communication, for instance between the machinery and transport vehicles within “Industry 4.0”.

OLTIS Group, which ranks among the leading European producers of information solutions for transportation and logistics, also presented some of its products in the form of exhibition. In this context we would like to thank all of you who visited our exhibition booth.


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Warehouse Lab

Workshop WarehouseLAB

On April 21 and 22, 2016, managerial workshop WarehouseLAB 12.0 – Computerization and automation of storage processes – took place in Lubon near Poznan. OLTIS Poland was a partner of the event.

The idea of WarehouseLab was to ensure the opportunity for direct contact of people responsible for the company’s warehouse logistics with analysts, suppliers of IT systems and those responsible for their implementation.

The first day of the workshop was dedicated to plenary sessions. Piotr Klimek, commercial director of OLTIS Poland, and Marcin Cyronek, chairman of LS Logistics, gave a presentation with the title “Deployment and operation of WMS/TMS by OLTIS in LS Logistics.”

The second day of the workshop was filled with meetings in smaller groups. Our group, accompanied by Radim Vala and Vladimir Šafránek, our colleagues from CID International, was leading four hour workshops designed for groups of 10, during which it presented the most important functionalities of the WMS LOGI system and answered questions about the system, its functionalities and experience of LS logistics, where the system was implemented a year ago.

The workshop was an opportunity for us to meet with representatives of companies that are currently considering deploying new or changing their current WMS system. Since a lot of questions pertained to specific cases, WarehouseLab was a great opportunity to learn about the current market demand for storage systems.


Photo Tomasz Siuda, 4Content.


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OLTIS Group took active part in the Science, Research, Innovation Trade Fair

Our company participated in the Science, Research, Innovation Trade Fair that took place from 9th to 11th March, 2016, on the premises of Brno Exhibition Centre. At the same time as the trade fair, a specialist conference “Science, Research, Innovation 2016” also took place in the adjacent areas.

The company OLTIS Group presented itself at the trade fair with its own stand. Apart from that, the conference attendees could also listen to specialist presentations from the director of research and innovations at OLTIS Group, Mr. Petr Kroča.

On the first day of the conference, his lecture on the topic “Opportunities for Czech entities in European research and innovation programmes” presented to the audience several successful ongoing or completed innovation grant projects of research and development of OLTIS Group with specific examples of implementing the solution outcomes in practice, with a particular focus on projects leading to digitalization in the area of freight and passenger railway transport. He also introduced the current grant opportunities to the attendees and finally, encouraged everybody to participate in these projects and contributed with his recommendations.

Within the supporting programme on the second day of the Science, Research, Innovation Trade Fair, Mr. Petr Kroča presented his contribution on financial tools for supporting research, development and innovations: EUREKA (international cooperation with market-oriented results of research and development), HORIZONT 2020 (framework programme for EU research and innovation valid for the period 2014 to 2020) and SHIFT2RAIL (the first joint European project of railway industry and European Commission for research, innovation and integration of new advanced technologies into innovative railway products and solutions), with regard to the possibilities of financing the projects and with an overview of current open calls in the area of railway transport.

The topic in focus of the first year of Science, Research, Innovation Trade Fair was the implementation of research and development results in practice and a responsible research and innovations. The trade fair offered professionals from various fields the opportunity to meet and to pass on their experience in the area of research projects. Over the two days of the exhibition, the attendees had the chance to get to know the projects of scientific research institutes not only from the Czech Republic.




Transport Manager Meeting

OLTIS Poland at Transport Manager Meeting 2016

Our colleague, Piotr Manowiecki, gave a lecture on “Cloud as a flexible, safe and secure solution for corporate IT infrastructure” at Transport Manager Meeting 2016 conference.

With his contribution he tried to show the participants that despite the deeply rooted opinions, cloud solutions based on the information system user connecting via the internet to a remote server, which is provided by an information company, are a much better and safer solution than purchase of a complicated system installed locally on the company’s own servers.

Transport Manager Meeting is an annual meeting of representatives from the transport industry, which includes discussions of various topics related to road transport. The conference was organized by the magazine “Transport Manager”.

This year among other things, the speakers discussed the risks associated with the introduction of a minimum wage in France, the possibility of the borrower to be held responsible for all costs associated with the execution of their debt or the details of the Polish-Russian negotiations on transport permits.

This year’s conference was held in Krakow on March 3rd and it welcomed more than 300 participants. OLTIS Polska presented itself by the contributed talk and an exhibition stand.

For more information visit Transport Manager Meeting website:




05_Transport Manager Meeting__0272    05_Transport Manager Meeting__5004

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Record-breaking conference Railway Systems of the 3rd Millennium.

Up to 160 people discussed railways and intermodal transport within the 6th annual of the Railway Systems of the 3rd Millennium conference in Ustroń

The 6th annual of the Railway Systems of the 3rd Millennium conference organised by the companies První Signální and OLTIS Polska took place on 3-5 February 2016. A record number of people from the field participated this year. In addition to rail manufacturers and service suppliers, also representatives of research institutes came to Ustroń. Among the represented institutes were: VVUZ – Railway Research Institute, University of Žilina, Politechnika Warszawska – Wydział Transportu, Wyższa Szkoła Techniczna in Katowice, Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu w Dąbrowa Gorniczej, Instytut Kolejnictwa and a representative of the Ministry of transport, construction and regional development of the Slovak Republic, but also representatives of law firms who supported us with their knowledge of the legal field.

Participants attending the plenary session of the conference had the opportunity to see professional and interesting presentations, relating not only to safety:

  • Dr. ing. Marek Pawlik, Politechnika Warszawska, Instytut Kolejnictwa, talked about the interoperability of EU railway system
  • Prof. ing. Marek Sitarz, Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu, Zespół Technicznych Środkowa Transportu Komitetu Transportu PAN (Group for technical means of transport of Transport Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences) gave a lecture on the integrated safety management systems in rail transport
  • Lucyna Bester, Instytut Kolejnictwa, spoke about use of systems for wireless data transmission in order to increase safety for unprotected railway crossings
  • Adrian Furgalski, Railway Business Forum, spoke about the external costs of transport, with emphasis on railway accidents
  • Beata Grabowska – Bujna Jastrzębska, Spółka Kolejowa, lectured on the charges for use of infrastructure and the high tariffs
  • Prof. dr. hab. ing. Jacyna Marianna, Politechnika Warszawska, spoke about the technical and technological conditions for the organization of railway traffic
  • The project manager for interoperability, Department of Informatics PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., talked about TSI TAF at PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe
  • Mec Izabela Kowalczuk-Pakuła, office Bird & Bird, spoke about the protection of personal data and the amendment to the Public Procurement Act
  • Katarzyna Więckowska, offices Adwokacka Katarzyny Więckowskiej, lectured on the subsidies in the new financial perspective 2014-2020

Our foreign guests:

  • Ing. Jaroslav Grim Ph. D. Railway Research Institute gave a talk on the Test Centre VUZ Velim – a place for cost effective testing of railway vehicles in the 3rd Millennium
  • Peter Hrapko, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, spoke about Terminal intermodal transport. IS implementation of the project Žilina – Teplička

Participants from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia could exchange experience and establish new contacts during the integration sections. A moving moment was handing over a check for the amount of 5001 zloty in the name of the participants and organisers into the hands of Elżbieta Grabowska, director of “Sindbad” a house of temporary residence, the association S.O.S. Children’s Village. The participants pointed out that the organizers prepared a very interesting artistic program during the gala dinner. Group Fragile from Slovakia sang more or less familiar songs without instrumental accompaniment. The group performed so well that soon the dance floor filled with dancers. A surprising and funny performance of the Czech comedian Richard Nedvěd caused loud laughter throughout the hall.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation at the conference, the speakers for their perfectly prepared contributions and our sponsors and business partners for their support. Without their help, the conference would not have reached such a high level. We invite you already to the next annual, which is held in February 2017.

For more information visit the conference website: http://www.railconference.com/koleje-2016/pl/

Thank you and we look forward to see you next year!


Mezinárodní konference Železnice III tisíciletí, pořádané společnostmi První Signální a OLTIS Polska     Mezinárodní konference Železnice III tisíciletí, pořádané společnostmi První Signální a OLTIS Polska

Mezinárodní konference Železnice III tisíciletí v Ustroni     Mezinárodní konference Železnice III tisíciletí v Ustroni

Mezinárodní konference Železnice III tisíciletí v Ustroni     Předání šeku do rukou Elżbiety Grabowskiej, ředitelky „Sindbad“ rodinného domu přechodného pobytu

Slavnostní večeře na konferenci Železnice III tisíciletí v Ustroni     Skupina Fragile na konferenci Železnice III tisíciletí v Ustroni

Evropské výzkumné projekty EUREKA

EUREKA Project E!6725 REAL-Bridge with excellent final results

The OLTIS Group companies are traditionally successful in EUREKA research and development projects supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Based on conditions in Grant Agreements, for each ongoing or finishing project an Evaluation Committee meeting must be organised every January to show and prove the project results of the previous year.

Within the final evaluation, this year the EUREKA project E!6725 REAL-Bridge has been successfully presented and evaluated. The project was coordinated by the company JERID in 2012–2015. The aim of this project was to develop a central database information system with required information and code-lists supporting the Eurasian rail freight transportation as a sustainable mode of transport, friendly to the environment, in the direction East-West based on international transportation regime CIM/SMGS.

The evaluators marked the final results of the project as “Excellent”!

The software application includes currently 83 modules:

  • Information modules (List of goods, List of stations, Wagon catalogues etc.), Service modules (Code-lists, Exchange rate, etc.), Railway infrastructure (Track’s parameters, Mileage etc.), Tariff distances (DIUM, TR-4, operators), Tariff prices (basic tariffs and own prices), Library of regulations in English, German, Czech, Polish and French (COTIF, AVV etc.), Transport documents (Consignment note CIM/CIV, CIM/SMGS etc.), Other modules (RailMap, Monitoring, Update history etc.)

Web services:

  • Information about a position of railway station, Searching for the nearest railway station for entered coordinates, Calculation of the shortest  railway distance for entered list of stations, Calculation of railway distance for entered list of coordinates (mileage), Information about parameters of entered track section

DLL modules and procedures:

  • List of goods, Tariff distance, List of railway stations, Basic forwarder’s tariffs, Union tariffs for international transportation, Additional fees to basic and union tariffs

The program EUREKA is one of the instruments of the European strategy and cooperation in the field of applied and industrial research and innovation activities. The aim of the program is to promote international cooperation between European industrial companies, research institutes and universities, and to create conditions for enhancing of efficiency and competitiveness of European industry and for development of common infrastructure.



Meeting of CAPACITY4RAIL project in Prague

On 20 January 2016 OLTIS Group hosted partners of CAPACITY4RAIL research project in Prague. The objective of this one-day meeting was to discuss the tasks and aims of sub-project SP4 concerning the advanced monitoring of railway infrastructure.

The meeting was attended by project participants from 6 European countries and was held in a meeting room of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC). Partners from the following organisations took part: Deutsche Bahn, Trafikverket, ACCIONA Infraestructuras, Infraestruturas de Portugal, CEMOSA, Adevice Solutions, University of Birmingham, Uppsala Universitet, Universidade do Porto and OLTIS Group. Other two partners participated in a meeting online via video conference: ANSALDO STS and Chalmers University of Technology Foundation.

CAPACITY4RAIL is a project of the last sixth call from the European Union´s 7th Framework Programme for Research. The project´s budget is 20 milion euros and in the project are included 46 stakeholders from 13 European countries and Turkey, while the consortium is well represented by the activities within the railway sector (including partners like UIC, UNIFE, SNCF, Trafikverket, DB, Network Rail) under support of significant research organisations and universities. The main objective of the project is a proposal for enhancing of capacity, availability and efficiency of railway system by immense changes.

CAPACITY4RAIL aims at paving the way for the future railway system, delivering coherent, demonstrated, innovative and sustainable solutions for:

  • Track design: transversal approach for infrastructure solutions for conventional mixed traffic and very high speed, integrated monitoring and power supply, reduced maintenance, new concept for highly reliable switches and crossings.
  • Freight: longer trains, lower tare loads, automatic coupling, enhanced braking, modern, automated, intelligent, fully integrated system for efficient, reliable and profitable freight operations
  • Operation and capacity: traffic capacity computation for freight and passenger, models and simulators for planners: capacity generation, traffic flow, resilience to perturbations, ability to recover from disturbance, computerised real time information to customers and operators at any time
  • Advanced monitoring: Integration of Advanced Monitoring Technologies in the design and building process, for a easier-to-monitor (self monitoring) infrastructure with low cost and low impact inspection

CAPACITY4RAIL focuses on systems analysis and systematic approach to the issue of the railway and its requirements for years 2030 – 2050. Project C4R is one of the most important input parameters of SHIFT2RAIL and consists of five sub-projects (SP).

Sub-project SP4 deals with an advanced monitoring. The objective of SP4 is to develop new concepts for railway structural and operational monitoring to enhance the availability of the track combined with automated maintenance forecasts, a prediction of the structural lifetime, a fast-check of track and structures after natural hazards and a support for train operation by train monitoring.


02_Foto-C4R-jednání-2     02_Foto-C4R-jednání-3



Vánoční večírek 2015

Christmas meeting with business partners of the OLTIS Group companies in Bratislava

On 10 December 2015 a traditional Christmas meeting with business partners of the OLTIS Group companies was held in Bratislava.

The event took place at the bowling centre BNC Bratislava; a part of the meeting was a popular bowling tournament with interesting prizes.

The atmosphere of the whole evening was friendly and sporty with most of the participants fighting with full dedication for the best possible place in the tournament. These bowling enthusiasts finally stood on the imaginary podium:

Overall ranking WOMEN:

1)      Jana Vallušová (ŽSR)
2)      Anna Kováčová (ZANINONI SLOVAKIA)
3)      Katarina Petříková (ZSSK SLOVAKIA)

Overall ranking MEN:

1)      Anton Jaborek (PROALTER s.r.o.)
2)      Juraj Kudrna (PRVÁ SLOVENSKÁ ŽELEZNIČNÁ a.s.)
3)      Ľubomír Kuťka (ŽEL . SPOĽOČNOSŤ CARGO SLOVAKIA a.s.)


Bowler-woman: Anna Dolinayová  (UNIVERSITY OF ZILINA)
Bowler-man: Peter Hrapko (Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic)

Highest score women: Jana Vallušová (ŽSR) -183
Highest score men: Emil Holovič (AX BENET spol. s.r.o.) -189



Předvánoční setkání Bratislava_01     Předvánoční setkání Bratislava_04

Předvánoční setkání Bratislava_03     Předvánoční setkání Bratislava_02

Správa železniční dopravní cesty SŽDC dokončila druhou etapu implementace TAF-TSI ve svých informačních systémech.

The Czech railway system is more open and competitive thanks to TAF-TSI implementation

The Railway Infrastructure Administration completed the second stage of TAF-TSI implementation in its information systems. The primary reason for this project is to satisfy requirements for mutual data communication pursuant to the Regulation of the European Commission No 62/2006 (ES) concerning the technical specification for interoperability relating to the telematic applications for freight subsystem of the trans-European conventional rail system, in short TAF-TSI.

“An important asset of the project is improving openness and increasing competitiveness of the railway network towards neighbouring railway infrastructures, unifying information and communication systems and improving services of infrastructure managers for railway undertakings which is one of the prerequisites for increasing railway transport demand in the Czech Republic”, said Mr Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

Establishing an integrated complex of information systems that will ensure a consolidated system of traffic control in all stages of the train life cycle is undoubtedly important as well. This will enable better and more effective use of provided data and thus offer a possibility of a more effective use of the Czech railway network in terms of operation conditions within the EU.

Carrying out the final project stage ensured installing functions directly related to the current state of TAF-TSI European implementation, e.g. connection to common central code lists and using the European Common Interface, a connection to the central information system RNE TIS (Train Information System) for following international trains or finalising TAF-TSI functionalities in the operation control information system as well as basic and operational traffic planning. An adaptation of internal operational planning and control processes allowed practical accomplishment of TAF-TSI functionalities as defined for the interface with railway undertakings and other infrastructure managers.

The suppliers of separate parts of the construction designated as “Implementation of TAF-TSI in information systems of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, stage 2” were the companies OLTIS Group, AŽD Praha, Institut Jana Pernera a ČD – Informační systémy. Total eligible costs amounted to 39,700,000 CZK (around 1.5 million euros – VAT excluded). The project was approved for co-financing by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport with a planned contribution from the Cohesion Fund amounting to 16,872,500 CZK (around 600,000 euros). National financing of the project was provided by the state budget and the Railway Infrastructure Administration’s own resources.

(Source: SZDC, Newsletter UIC 477)


Vánoční večírek 2015

Christmas meeting with business partners of the OLTIS Group companies in Prague

On 1 December 2015 a traditional Christmas meeting with business partners of the OLTIS Group companies was held in Prague.

The event took place at the bowling centre Bowling Celnice Prague, a part of the meeting was a popular bowling tournament with interesting prizes. The atmosphere of the whole evening was friendly and sporty with most of the participants fighting with full dedication for the best possible place in the tournament. These bowling enthusiasts finally stood on the imaginary podium:

Overall ranking WOMEN:

1) Lenka Včeláková (TRANSPORTSERVIS)
2) Iveta Zemánková (ČD Cargo)
3) Zuzana Kráčmarová (guest of Mr Jiři Kračmar from ORBI TRANS)

Overall ranking MEN:

1) Miroslav Koblížek (ČD Cargo)
2) Paul Kvapil (ČD Cargo)
3) Milos Dudek (RIA)


Bowler-woman: Jana Pelešková (ČD)
Bowler-man: Ivan Press (ČD)

Highest score women: Lenka Včeláková (TRANSPORTSERVIS) – 189
Highest score men: Vladislav Tolar (ČD Cargo) – 177


předvánoční setkání Praha I     předvánoční setkání Praha IV

předvánoční setkání Praha III     předvánoční setkání Praha II