APSAutomated Crew Master planning and monitoring performance of personnel and hauling vehicles

An information system for planning and reporting on working time in all its options based on the Labour Code and internal enterprise regulations with further wages processing in SAP HR, and planning and monitoring performance of hauling vehicles in connection with their crew and with SAP PM.           


Purpose of IS APS  personnel

  • Planning and reporting on the work of employees of the railway operator, specifically oriented to the hauling vehicles management
  • APS_schema ENThe employees (engine drivers) work in 24/7 working shifts of varied length and with a high rate of irregular shifts within regular rosters and within a roster-free mode (without assignment to a roster with scheduled shift starts)
  • The system is ready to any complex configuration for planning and reporting, and is therefore usable for any workplace
  • It combines an application for managing personnel with an application for working time, including an option of a detailed comprehensive report on the shift performances
  • Optionally it may be used for reporting on working time of workshop employees, performances taken over from SAP PM

Purpose of IS APS  technical part

  • Scheduled assignment of both hauling vehicles and hauled vehicles
  • Monitoring vehicle status  maintenance, dwell in vehicle depot, rentals…
  • Monitoring the vehicle assignment to trains and local operations with checking mileage
  • Checking coverage of trains with assigned hauling vehiclesAPS_schema_EN
  • Monitoring the equipment of hauling vehicles

Communication with other IS

  • Importing data from a wages application (including SAP HR / EGJE Elanor)
  • Exporting code tables from SAP CO – text-based files DZ, SRxx – retrieving orders on-line
  • Importing rosters data from ASO
  • Importing data on the railway network
  • Importing train data from IS ISOŘ KADR
  • Transmitting information for ISOŘ ŘVD – start of shift of the engine crews – exiting engines from depot
  • Receiving information from ISOŘ CDS – train movement for amending data on driver’s shift – train movement for amending data on engine performance on trains
  • Exporting data working hours for wages applications (including SAP HR)
  • Importing data on performances from SAP PM either using an on-line connection or via text-based files
  • Importing data on engine status from SAP PM
  • Transmitting information for IS PARIS (passenger reservations)
  • Exporting data for ADPV data warehouse on both hauling vehicles and drivers


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