CVACentral Siding Agenda

Comprehensive support of the activities of a RU pertinent to siding operation. Comprehensive support of the activities of a RU pertinent to the operation of loading spots.


Mutual hand-out of wagons with the customer, charging the transport operations

  • Registering the mutual hand-out of wagons between the RU and the customer at the siding or another loading spot, registering the pertinent operations of the RU and the customer
  • Mutual charging the transport operations based on the valid tariffs or agreed upon prices and charging exceptions
  • Automatic information transmitting on wagon delivery and dispatch for RU’s ISs (as CEVIS, ÚDIV)
  • Automatic data export on charged wagon operations for the wagon register

Agreements, charging rules

  • Supporting the agenda for all the agreement types, schedule of regular services, registering all the agreements
  • Automatic notification of all the stakeholders (as the RU management, invoicing department, or railway stations) on changing specified agreement types (new agreement, terminating an agreement, altering an agreement)
  • Supporting operations above various identification sheets, exploiting regular and exceptional charging rules

Communicating with the customer

  • Automatic export of all the customer reports pertinent to balancing
  • Exporting other reports required by the customer
  • Data exchange with the customer’s information system: mutual wagon hand-out, balancing

Supporting the supervisory and management activities

  • Supporting the supervisory tasks of the invoicing department in the siding or loading spot clerk – special checking panels for the invoicing department working on balancing the services, wagon dwells, and charges
  • Reports for supervisors and management at all the levels: – mutual wagon hand-out, services, agreements, utilizing the regular services…


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