Freight train capacity booking

Train capacity booking for Single Wagon Load and tracking IS for SWL customers.


Basic characteristics

  • Planning train utilization in Single Wagon Load system
  • Concentration of wagon transportation demand from particular applications to one central system
  • Includes all transport types, such as loaded or empty wagon movement


Key functions

  • Wagon journey planning according to current planned trains
  • Capacity reservation for wagons in specific trains
  • Monitoring of train payload includes overload indication
  • Definition of wagon handover between trains in marshalling yards
  • Monitoring and evaluating wagon transport plan, and responses to the irregularities



  • Detailed overview about expected train payload in advance and with planned train composition
  • Determine estimated time of delivery for customer
  • Clearer station work plan resulting from defined wagon handover between trains
  • All processes of Single Wagon Load system become more transparent
  • Allowing operative changes in train formations according to train payload
  • Acceleration of shipment transport due to plan fulfillment accuracy evaluation
  • Increasing the attractiveness of Single Wagon Load system due to higher reliability of delivering to customer


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