EMANOptimized planning of the marshalling processes

EMAN supports designing the long-term and mid-term plan of a railway freight undertaking (RU). It employs a well-arranged GUI and embedded mathematic optimizing methods.         


Basic functionalities

  • Economics, modelling, and analysis of the freight transport plan
  • Editor of the marshalling plan and connections in the freight transport
  • Relating the trains, marshalling plan, transport streams and transport network
  • Easy editing the transport technology  the marshalling table and routing
  • Easy-to-navigate graph of the transport network
  • Simple definition of the geographical route and checking the parameters
  • Entering the freight train parameters in batch
  • Auto-assigning the trains to the marshalling table relations and/or distribution/feeding
  • Multiple checks of the consistency of trains, marshalling plan, and the network
  • Changing the train in the particular stations
  • Overview of the wagon streams and station performance
  • Overview of the closures planned on the whole network
  • Performance trends of the workdays
  • Setting boundaries between the geographic regions and calculating their “effectiveness”
  • Easy-to-follow creation of the closure measures in the freight transport
  • Fast analysis and simple “pricing” of the marshalling plan, comparing options

The application allows

  • Using a graphical user interface (GUI) it allows creating different variations of the technology for transporting the single wagon loads (SWL) from any departure station to any destination station, based on the detailed data on the transport network. The results and possible impacts of the changes may be instantly viewed and assessed against the data of transport streams assumed from the wagon streams archive.
  • The systematic design of the marshalling plan is based on the interconnected set of data bases concerning the railway transport technology and its planning, with easy and ergonomic transitions between different tools.
  • Very powerful tools are the automatic functions for assigning the relation trains to the relations of the marshalling table, for assigning the feeder trains to the defined collecting and distributing (routing), and a whole range of checks and tests. The system includes tools to define wagon “switchings” between trains in each transport node, i.e. tools to define the train composition. Key features involve also the system of checking data consistency, both in the individual modules and in the global scope. Useful are also the sorting functions and functions for filtering data in the tables by values, or exports to XLS sheets.
  • The resulting output of the system is the complete underlying timetable data for other systems (as SPONA  freight timetable, UDIV  central wagon dispatching, X-RAIL  supporting international SWL connections, PRIS/VLASTA a system for controlling a marshalling yard, etc.).


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