Rail freight information databank

Are you interested in the information relating to goods, stations, distances, vehicles, etc.? Do you need to view the text version of any regulation or tariff? Do you wish to be conversant with the shipment prices and prepare a quote? Are you interested in the rail track technical parameters and prices for the infrastructure use?           



General Features 01_ERIC_EN

  • Multilingual; English, German, Polish, Czech, Russian, Hungarian
  • Modularity; the user selects his own module configuration according to his or her needs
  • Up-to-date information; all information in the database is constantly updated


  • NHM, ETSNG, RID goods list, SMGS Appendix II
  • Railway companies’ list of stations, DIUM and TR4 list, list of border stations (UIC ENEE)
  • Track categories (UIC LOCA)
  • Vehicle catalogue


  • European database of the railway infrastructure parameters
  • Maximum price calculation for the railway network access
  • Optimization feature; route search based on the specified infrastructure parameters

Map (RailMap)

  • Rail freight transport electronic map, highlighted rail network
  • Search feature (stations, border crossing stations, cities, nearest stations)
  • Layer view showing track sections between stations including track
    technical parameters

Calculations 03_ERIC_EN_HU

  • Calculation of carriage costs in accordance with the national, association and transit tariffs including the CIS and Baltic countries tariff policy
  • Custom tariffs – facility to insert contract price in the tariff format
  • Price optimisation – automatic search of the most appropriate combination of available tariffs
  • Calculation of the distance tariff using each railway company kilometrage in accordance with the DIUM kilometrage, CIS and Baltic countries shipping routes

Library of documents

  • National and association tariffs – text version in the original language
  • Selection of regulations and laws – laws and regulations
    text versions (ADR, AVV, RID, etc.)


  • Program modules (DLL, COM server) – implementing
    the ERIC data in another IS
  • Web service – access to the ERIC data from another
    IS via Web interface


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