TRACKINGTracking of railway wagons equipped with GPS units

Tracking of railway wagons equipped with GPS units Tracking of railway wagons and containers within the CIS and Baltic region Internet rail map of Europe and Asia.


Internet Railway Map

  • Includes 50 European and Asian countries
  • Highlighted railway network
  • Defining user tags
  • Feature to turn on and off individual map layers
  • Gradual display of railway layer based on the actual scale
  • Selection and display of the railway stations, including name Trasking EN
    and number, precise geographical coordinates
  • Search and display of the specified number of stations within specified distance from a specific point
  • Search and display of the border crossing stations within the selected area
  • Display of detail information relating to the railway station in accordance with the international code lists
  • Shipment route schematic view
  • Railway infrastructure network graph covering the European and Asian track parameters
  • Price calculation of the railway infrastructure access fees
  • RNE, TEN-T and AGTC European railway corridors

Tracking – GPS UnitsTracking EN

  • 3 types of GPS units are available – solid and durable design
  • Long battery life
  • Connection of external sensors
  • Remote configuration of GPS units
  • Internet application
  • Assignment of the nearest railway station to the given geographical coordinates
  • Display of given locations within the Internet map
  • Calculation of vehicle kilometrage based on the given locations
  • Vehicle movement history

Tracking – Vehicle and Container Lcations within the CIS and Baltic Countries

  • Direct link to the UZ tracking system
  • The ability to track any vehicle or container within the CIS and Baltic countries
  • Quick response – the first location information is available in 15 minutes
  • Continuous monitoring regardless of the shipment distance – information relating to location x2 daily
  • Container monitoring based on the container identification number
  • Automatic record of identified locations
  • Display of ascertained locations on the Internet map
  • Display of basic information relating to the monitored vehicle or container
  • Vehicle movement history


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