EDOMonitoring performance of personnel

An information system for planning and reporting on working time in all its options based on the Labour Code and internal enterprise regulations with further wages processing in SAP HR.           

Basic functionalities

  • Managing personnel data necessary for the crew master
  • Defining idle states
  • Scheduling working time
  • Assigning services
  • Editing extra services
  • Supporting to schedule working time pool for a specified period according to the Labour Code and he Collective Agreement
  • Reporting on services  specifying the actual state to the scheduled services
  • Balancing the working time of employees
  • Preparing exports for wages (including SAP HR)
  • Preparing reports on services for SAP CO

Purpose and characteristics

Scheduling and reporting on work of the employees, for any type of the working time pattern:

  • The simplest case – employees working in daily shifts
  • Rostered employees with regularly alternating daily and night shifts
  • Rostered employees in 24/7 mode with split or broken shifts (passenger cashier)
  • Train crews
  • Temporary job contracts

For scheduling shifts, 3 types of schedule processing are available:

  • Assigning the employee to a specific shift – edited: period from – till, shift type, and starting period
  • Scheduling periodic roster – number of employees equals number of the roster days
  • Scheduling a roster by a pattern

Connections with other IS

  • Importing basic employee data from the wages agenda
  • Importing data on crew rosters from ASO
  • Exporting data on personal assignment for IS PARIS (reservations)
  • Exporting working time for the wages agenda (including SAP HR)
  • Exporting working time for SAP CO agenda
  • Exporting data for ADPV data warehouse

For managing the performances and working time, the following economic attributes are traced for each object:

  • Performance number
  • Order
  • Cost centre


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