Forwarding information system


NEWSPED information system is a versatile tool for the freight forwarding company providing full technical support related to the arrangement and management of the entire transport chain from the acceptance of the initial shipment requirement to the issuance of the customer invoice, checking of the received supplier’s data and the shipment’s financial evaluation.


General Features Newsped_reqEN

  • Covers the decisive workflow of a forwarder
  • Individual system setting according to the customer needs
  • Independent of the transport mode
  • System respects the client company structure with the option
    to restrict access to data
  • Multilingual support (CZ, SK, EN, DE, RU, PL, HU, RO, IT, SL) with the ability of easy extension
  • Support of electronic data exchange with other systems
  • Application in trading and manufacturing companies shipment departments

Key Features Newsped_invEN

  • Listing of business partners and other support catalogues
  • Registering requirements
  • Creating price lists and price log, links to electronic tariffs, electronic exchange of price lists
  • Calculating price offers including making of calculation sheets
  • Shipment register
  • Issuing customer invoices including automatic invoicing per business case
  • Processing of incoming invoices and their concurrence with budgeted costs
  • Importing electronic invoices from supplier (format support for
    CD Cargo, EDI, invoicing from ZSSK Cargo, DB Schenker, etc.) profEN
  • Electronic data exchange with accounting and other information systems
  • Evaluation of business cases
  • Checking of business partners, credit management
  • Simplified road module for rapid registration and road transport processing
  • Module for fleet management of wagons, road vehicles and containers – card file, leasing, subsequent lease, price calculation, registration and planning of inspections and repairs directly linked to haulage activities
  • Data warehouse for controlling, management and strategic decision needs


  • Complex processing of each business case
  • Effective issuing of invoices adapted to forwarder´s activities
  • Fast checking of suppliers invoices with budgeted costs
  • A number of reports for operating data evaluation
  • Powerful tools for economic evaluation of business cases (reports,
    data warehouse)
  • Electronic data exchange with other systems
  • Electronic communication with partners


ALZA Cargo Sp. z o.o., BUDAMAR LOGISTICS, a.s., Carbo-Sped Sp. z o.o., CZ Logistics, s.r.o., Express Group a.s., FORWARDIS GmbH,
Rail Cargo Logistics – Czech Republic s.r.o., INVESTEX GROUPS, a.s.,
NH-TRANS, SE, ORBI Trans, s.r.o., Ostravská dopravní společnost, a.s.,  NEWSPED EN 2
RENTRANS International Spedition Sp. z o.o., SPED TRANS Polska Sp. z o.o., ŠPED-TRANS Hungária Kft., ŠPED-TRANS Levice, a.s., UNICOM TRANZIT S.A., WOOD & PAPER a.s.



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