Electronic timetable display

National server ETD for distribution of electronic timetables between IMs and RUs.


General Features

  • Distribution of electronic timetables over web service
  • System is intended for employees RUs and IMs
  • Unique electronic timetable for every train
  • Electronic timetables in XML and PDF formats
  • Expandability (line characteristics table, instructions, schemas of stations, etc.)


Key Features

  • Electronic timetable based on UIC 612-05 and national rules
  • Timetables for regular and ad-hoc trains
  • Connection with internal systems of IM – code list related to the network and timetable data
  • Connection with internal systems that use timetable data
  • Current timetable for each query to ETD server
  • Detailed logging of communications between the ETD server and vehicles (external systems)


Main Benefits

  • Improving the process of timetable distribution
  • Secure transactions for timetable transfer between the IMs and RUs
  • Logging of transactions – support of quality control and data accuracy


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