MIMOZAInformation system for handling exceptional consignments

The application MIMOZA constitutes a comprehensive tool for efficient handling of the exceptional consignments. It is intended for an infrastructure manager (IM), or for a railway undertaking (RU) which facilitates transporting the exceptional cargo.           


In its basic functionalities MIMOZA allows the user

  • Handling a sender’s request (web-based form, mail, etc.)
  • Comprehensive registration of the exceptional cargo –  bilingual including German (editing, viewing, copying records)
  • Selecting a suitable wagon for transporting the exceptional cargo and automatic calculations of its parameters
  • Specifying the outline points of the exceptional cargo and calculating allowances for verifying the spatial clearance
  • Automatic allowances calculation for a given curve radius
  • Viewing outlines of the exceptional cargo, the loading gauge and obstacles
  • Specifying the required transport route – loading, exporting and importing the transport route in module MimozaMapa
  • Advice – internal within the organisation and external towards a partner organisation
  • Verifying the spatial clearance of the cargo along the specified route
  • Specifying the transport and route conditions for transporting the exceptional cargo
  • Determining the carriage fees
  • Creating the output telex messages (requests, approvals, permissions, instradation/routing etc.), and managing the pertinent documents
  • Distributing the telex messages and documents to the specified recipients
  • Archiving the versions of each consignment, telex message, and advice
  • Interface with communication to the Special Transports (application for the military transports)

Web-based form “Request for approval to transport an exceptional cargo”, available on the web portal of the infrastructure manager, contains

  • Request parameters – role of the applicant, nature of the cargo, dispatching workplace
  • Identifying the applicant (contact data, info on the fee payment)
  • Specifying the cargo type and wagon class
  • Specifying the outline dimensions of the cargo
  • Suggested transport route
  • Other required info on the exceptional cargo
  • Annexes – a sketch, a file with additional info

Registering the exceptional consignments allows editing all the required data on the exceptional cargo

  • Companies – subjects participating in the transport of exceptional cargo (consigner, consignee, payer, carrier)
  • Specifying wagons and consignment data
  • Graphical view of the consignment and obstacles
  • Determining the transport route
  • Defining the conditions for transporting the exceptional cargo
  • Business and price data
  • Approvals to transport from the foreign railways

Managing documents to the registered exceptional consignment allows managing the necessary telex messages and external documents

  • Telegramme Telex messages for communicating with foreign railways – according to the UIC 502-1 leaflet in the German language version
  • Outputs for domestic communication with – partner companies (applicant, consigner, payer, etc.) – operational structures (dispatching workplaces, stations, border stations)
  • Administering the documents – creating the telex messages and archiving the older versions – inserting external documents – Distributing the telex messages and document


Download Product list here.